Version 5.2

Unleash IT

Provide end users access to all of their virtual desktops, applications and online services through a single digital workspace. Anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Why Enterprises Choose EOVD

Enterprise Open Virtual Desktop provides end user secure access from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Cost Reduction

Reduce Licensing, Hardware and Support costs. Increase PC lifecycle reusing old hardwares and decrease licensing with virtual applications and desktops.

Security & Compliance

Ensure access to applications and desktops from any device with EOVD and enforce enterprise security rules and compliance policies. Implement effective defense mechanisms.

User Experience

Enhance productivity with fast and high quality application and desktop user experience. Lead digital transformation and workplace change with performance and mobility.

Business Ecosystem

Empower business value chains and ecosystems bringing key applications to partners in a controlled, secure and flexible way. 

Cross Platform & Cross Generation

Deliver desktops and applications from multiple Windows and Linux versions. Maximize performance and guarantee accessibility from any devices while optimizing your IT, licensing cost and legacy application support.

Legacy (Web) Application Support

Ensure full Application compatibility and certification independently of end-user execution environment.

Business Ecosystem

Empower your ecosystem/value chain partners with key business Applications.

Licensing Cost Reduction

Segregate Windows users, deliver open source productivity apps, ensure maximum flexibility and agility.


Instantly bring all your Applications to all relevant mobile platforms without (re)development effort.


Make Microsoft Office available to everyone that needs it in the same integrated, open and convergent Desktop.

Security & Control

Ensure access to your applications from any modern device while enforcing company security rules and compliance policies.

Malware is a real threat with enormous business impact. With EOVD, implement effective defense mechanisms that are also financially sustainable:

  • Privilege Minimization: Applications are run with minimum privileges, reducing or eliminating attack surface.
  • Consolidation and Optimization: Thousands of users can be served from a small number of servers, enabling the implementation of faster, cheaper and more manageable defensive strategies.
  • Data Isolation and Protection: Applications and data are handled in different execution planes which makes malicious appropriation exponentially harder.

Overseeing all the activity on Desktop environments is an overwhelming task. With EOVD, it’s easy to keep track of all activities and control unwanted actions:

  • Deployment Flexibility: Hosted where you want it, be it premises, cloud or hybrid.
  • Complete Visibility: Centralized dashboard with granular administrative delegation,
    real-time and historical reports (Users, Sessions And Applications) and software licensing reporting.
  • Data Protection: Data and documents remain securely in the organization’s servers, enabling
    backup and preservation strategies.

Every organization has their own unique policy about what security best practices they need to enforce in order to protect their vital data. With EOVD, making sure your existing policies are respected is easy:

  • Secure Access: Integrated cryptographic SSL VPN for application access.
  • Comprehensive Authorization: Map & connect to existing directories (LDAP/AD)
    with rich user access control management (printers, drives, etc.).
  • Advanced Authentication: Single Sign On, multiple-factor and SAML support.

Every system Administrator can run into a configuration issue or technical problem from time to time. EOVD can help you rest easy, knowing that our team of expert engineers is always available:

  • Flexible Support: Ranging from 8/5 with a specific number of incidents to 24/7, all included with 20 minutes emergency response times, all your enterprise support needs are covered.
  • Software Distribution: Continuous access to binary software packages. These includes new platform release, features and minor version updates as well as maintenance and security releases.
  • Enterprise Life Cycle: Generous 5-year life cycle for all Product major versions, corresponding to a 3-year General Availability phase and a 2-year optional Extended Availability phase.

Flexible & Open

Even the best solution is only as good as its ability to meet the specific needs of your business. Our modular and agile solution adapts to your structure and rules and can be extended with branding and tailored development.


Several modules (Web, Linux, Windows, Gateway). Just use what you need.

Open Source

Best of breed approach using mature and enterprise grade Open Source technologies.

Branded & Tailored

Maximize your value creation by branding and tailoring it to your  every need.



App Servers

Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016


App Servers

CentOS Red Hat Enterprise 7/8
SUSE Enterprise Server 12/15
CentOS 7/8


App Access

Windows 7/8.1/10
macOS 10.12/10.13/10.14
RHEL/CentOS 7/8
Fedora 26/27
SLED/OpenSUSE 12/15
Ubuntu 16.04/18.04


App Access

iOS 11/12
Android 5/6/7/8/9

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Your virtual desktops, applications and online services for less than half the total cost of alternative VDI such as Citrix and VMware.


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